Game of Thrones (TV Series)

    Game of Thrones (TV Series)

  2. Are you familiar with an agent named Fox Mulder?
    Yes, I am.
    How so?

  3. alittlebitgayandmore:

    Shang’s journey to self discovery as told by me

  4. It is hard to imagine how Anne felt as she entered the Tower and how ironic for her to be imprisoned in the very apartments in which she spent the night before her coronation – the sumptuous Queen’s apartments in the Royal Palace. 

    No wonder Anne collapsed weeping and went from weeping to laughing. Her hysteria was caused by her realising the full extent of what was happening, afterall, she knew her husband well and she had seen what had happened to the likes of Sir Thomas More. 

  5. empathypure:

    game of that didn’t happen in the books

  6. nightlyallaround:

4x02 margaery tyrell


    4x02 margaery tyrell

  7. shadywarriorprincess:

    THANK! i’ve been waiting for this <3

  8. ladysansan:

    Show!Sandor:I’m not a thief, a man’s got to have a code.

    *two episodes later* nevermind

    Show!Jaime: If I was a woman i’d make them kill me before raping me.

    *a few episodes later* nevermind

    Game of Thrones writing,ladies and gentlemen.

  9. Tilda Swinton as ‘Eve’ in Only Lovers Left Alive

  10. piratebatch made me choose between margaery tyrell or daenerys targaryen
  11. make me choose  anon asked: hannibal or the walking dead

    My blood, my family, is standing right here.

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